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Fly & Light Tackle Angler is a quarterly publication covering domestic and international fly and light-tackle fishing. Our emphasis is on coastal saltwater and warm, freshwater fisheries with occasional coverage of top coldwater destinations. As an app-based digital publication, FLTA promises delivery of highly interactive content to mobile device readers.

Check out the FLTA staff and contributors - veteran outdoor writers, photographers and videographers with life-long experience on the water. Our collective knowledge runs deep and wide across beautifully diverse fish habitats.

Our team offers you timely features supported by world-class photography and videography. You get concise where-to, when-to and how-to information. There's travel adventure aplenty. Plus, specialized departments and columns are dedicated to all things technical: casting, rigging, tackle tricks and repair, fly tying, tips for angling parents and more. Others present new boats, tackle and accessories. Subscribers also meet our sport's great characters through profiles. Dig into thoroughly researched conservation investigations, and benefit from ecology lessons from leading scientists that help you fish smarter. Free, regional website-based fishing reports by local experts will help keep you on the bite.

Four interactive issues per year cost less than a pair of your favorite topwater plugs or a handful of flies, and will earn you major dividends in terms of excitement, education and success on your fishing adventures. The FLTA mighty app was made with the touch tablet in mind, and offers access to dynamic elements including dozens of action photo sequences and video clips. Fishing is an action-packed sport that print media can't even begin to convey. So if you are ready to deep-six those print fishing mags, hop aboard with Fly & Light Tackle Angler.




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